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2020 Vision

At Prescience HQ we're currently working through an ambitious programme of development supports and guidance for our clients in the the year. We'll provide a more comprehensive update and share details as matters crystallise but as of now, here's what the year is likely to bring...

For individual companies and businesses, there's a strong demand for strategic planning, visioning, competitive positioning and governance support. There's a notable interest in sustainability issues and a desire to adapt to or mitigate environmental and climate change concerns. Much of this is driven by changing demographics and consumer choices and behaviours. Expect more.

At a regional level, State Agencies, Local Authorities and Local Development Companies remain to the fore in planning area based initiatives - both thematic or more broadly based to encompass social, economic and environmental imperatives. The Smart Village concept as well as placemaking disciplines, quality of life and wellbeing initiatives remain prominent in rural areas. A notable driver of many of the regional initiatives is the review of a raft of existing strategies as well as the desire to establish prominence and competitive positions in order to better align with new and emerging opportunities through the forthcoming EU budget. Expect some interesting changes in priority and thus, resource allocation. The message, perhaps, is not more, nor less but different...

The Ireland 2040 Plan and its supporting measures continue to shape policies and enabling resources to drive innovation and investment. Multi-level collaboration remains central to unlocking these resources. In a time of considerable change and flux in the enterprise landscape there's an opportunity for new ways of doing, new approaches and solutions - a steep learning curve for some, it appears. Less so for others. That's the beauty of competition, I guess. However, direct experience coupled with keen observation suggests that its all best judged over the distance. As Warren Buffett famously said "It's only when the tide goes out that you discover who's been swimming naked".

More, whenever...


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